Before you rush out and buy a kit,or accept the cheapest quote, just consider the following:


  • iGuard has done the hard work and found the most user friendly CCTV systems in the market.
    1. ‘Set & Forget’ systems so you don’t have to worry ; motion record with auto rewrite etc.
    2. Free & User Friendly APP’s across all devices Android , iPhone & iPad.
    3. Access also at home or  WWW via Safari , Internet Explorer or Firefox.
    4. Easy footage search with cut and paste backup available.
  • iGuard will not install off the shelf CCTV kits because ~
    1. We cannot offer any warranty or support on kits.
    2. We cannot gauge the end result or quality of kits.
    3. Often the kit cost + the install cost will end up being more than one of our specials.
    4. Kit installs end up with dissatisfaction in the end result and no ongoing support.
  • iGuard sets up your CCTV to be secure :
    1. We create a personal access URL that is not a free domain NOR is it just ‘plug and play’.
    2. We do not use default access ports or other defaults that cause access vulnerabilities.
    3. We encourage you to change your admin password from default.
  • iGuard uses professional grade cameras that tick all the boxes.
  • iGuard sets up your system 100% to your required devices and supplies a tailored help guide.
  • iGuard offers ongoing support always striving for customer satisfaction.
  • iGuard will offer the best advice to achieve the best outcome for the right price.
  • iGuard only uses high quality CCTV cabling which will work well into the future and cut interference.
  • iGuard are licenced Security Agents , Installers & Consultants.
  • iGuard offers a 2 year warranty on Hardware & Workmanship.
  • iGuard is 100% insured for your peace of mind.
  • iGuard offers professional workmanship with over 30 years trade experience.
  • iGuard has extensive experience in domestic , small business and commercial environments.
  • iGuard employs safe & clean work practices.      

100% Guaranteed   –  100% Licenced     –   100% Insured

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